Lucky Me...

Today we celebrated my nieces 15th birthday.  Wow, the years really zoom past don't they?  Every year I find myself saying (always about now - at the beginning of June) "where has this year gone"  It feels as though the glow of new years' fireworks are still sizzling towards the horizon, and yet at the same time I find myself thinking about a design for christmas cards!? 
And I'm really so accutely aware of the speedy passage of time, especially so having  two small children who are growing at a rate of knotts!  So I'm calling to mind today, (and I'm going to tomorrow as well, and the days to come) the precious moments that make life so worth living.  Like laying down on winter grass in the warm sunshine with a giggling four year old who smells like toothpaste and my perfume ( she helps herself to both), and who tells me I'm the bestest mother in the whole wide world because I let her have anything she wanted to for lunch today...
Lucky me.


  1. hmmm time goes so fast yes... I pinch my self when I look at my kids and how much they have grown... My daughter now wears my shoes!!! I love your image above... just beautiful Donna :))) Life is good :)

  2. Donna, you're so wonderful. I just love your blog, your art, your spirit, the whole shebang. I just know you're going to experience every success, looking forward to seeing the website. Jen. x

  3. yes, those moment are the precious ones...