Experimenting with Print Making...

well tonight folks, I've gone back to my roots.  I bought a lino cutting tool today and have been playing.  The last time I did this was at high school in my TEE class which was twenty *coughcough* something years ago...  And it's been lots of fun I must say.  I found these small square rubber blocks which are so easy to carve into, and the great thing about them is that you can use both sides.  I plan on using the single image as a repeating pattern on a background to a painting soon, wait and see :)

Anyhoo, here's some pics of what I was playing with tonight.  Wondering what else I can do with these little guys?  Small gift cards, tags perhaps?  Well I have a few more of them and hope to get cutting this week.  I thoroughly recommend them, but just dont ask me what they;re called, as I've thrown out the packaging - oops!!!  I'm thinking of turning one into my logo, so I'll see how that goes... 

the image at the top of the page which I've aptly titled "flower head seed pod thingo" was the drawing I chose to carve into the rubber stamp pad - as seen below.  I actually prefer the leaves in the pencil drawing, but there wasn't the room on the block...
I quite like it - it's sort of like a garlic flower head crossed between a corn plant... 
Feel free to leave some words of wisdom - or just say hello for a chat - it's nice to meet people :)
x me


  1. HI Donna,
    its really nice to visit your blog and see this whole series of works on the evolution of your theme... a theme I really connect with too!
    I was trying to work out where you are based...WA?
    Its very energetic part of the cosmos your cosy corner ... great reading... all the best,

  2. What lovely prints. I really want to experiment with lino cutting. I'm not sure that I'm patient enough though. I love what you've done with it.

  3. Oh, I would love to try printmaking and creating designs. I think yours turned out great!
    Have a lovely week, Theresa

  4. I love all your work but you really captured my attention with your prints. I too love to carve rubber and yours really inspire me. If we lived closer I would hope to be your friend.

  5. I love your work you have inspired me to paint again after a long time 'out' raising my lively boys!!!! I love the way you use diferent media..Thankyou x ;) Rachael