AUCTION anyone???

Hi all!  Just thought i'd post a few photos of some works in-progress...  I'd say each of these are about half to three quarters finished...  I've had a whole day in teh studio - so whilst they're all having som edrying time, I thought I'd take some shots and post them for yout o have a look-see...  I'm also going to attempt to do a resin pour on a few of these, so wish me luck as it's the first time and I hope I don't botch it all up!!!  As for the girl - well, I just felt she needed a face-lift so watch out for her - i have a good feeling it's going to look awesome (if I do say so myself!) 
 One of these will also be up for auction to help raise funds for my brother.  You can read more about his efforts here... he is part of a team of Aussie firefighters who will be running from the west coast to the east coast of America later inteh year to raise awareness of the amazing work that emergency services perform, honour their fallen mates from Sep 11 and also raise money for burns units in aussie hospitals - so all round an awesome cause and a great reason to put a bid in to the auction.  Stay tuned as I'll post more specific details in about a week... 

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  1. wow Donna you are amazing, I had no idea you were so talented. I love all your work xx

    Cleone cuz