when the peeps are away, the mum will play!

finally, i've made it back in to the studio...  it seems like forever since i've painted, well maybe not forever, but a very long time.  it is so hard to balance being a full-time mother and all that comes with that, and finding some time to actually be creative.  actually, finding the time isn't that difficult, i have the evening hours when the peeps are in bed, but i'm always so tired...  so it's a total blessing to have thse 12 days all to myself (the peeps are visiting family with their dad) and in the studio for extended periods of time.  this is my first piece i started yesterday and finished today to get me in the swing of things and i actually really like it.  it's a fun piece and i think i'll really play some more with bright bold colours - lovin those.  i've also been wanting to experiment with fabric on my art as well - so hopefully will have something to show with that really soon.
thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.  x me



i love christmas.  i really do.  i love the smells, the anticipation, the family customs and traditions.  i love that it brings people together, if only for a short while.  i love that the core of the human soul - the part inside us all that likes to show love and care comes out to play this time of the year.  i really love christmas...

this year is the first time really that my little girl 'gets it' she really gets the whole thing.  the presents, the reason behind the giving, the wrapping and not telling the reciever what it is, the anticipation and the waiting.  it's so good!  and little brother who is always in tow and mimicks her every move is starting to get it too.  so it's so much fun to be starting some new traditions and continuing with some old with these two munchkins contributing to it all. 

we always put our tree up on the first of december and take it down on the 31st and this was the first year that DD dressed it entirely herself (except the lights - i had to help there).  we play Bing Crosby christmas carols, wear santa hats and enjoy rediscovering each of the ornaments all over again. 

this year we started a new tradition of making spiced biscuits in christmas shapes.  these will be both for treats at home and gifts as well.  and of course santa will have some left out for him as well!  and speaking of santa and his sweet tooth, did you know he also likes beer?  this is a tradition from my husbands' childhood and it will definitely live on in our family.  the chidlren went outside to pick lovely fresh green grass to put on a plate, topped with lovely fresh carrots for the reindeer.  and because father christmas has to travel in the australian heat, it stands to reason of course that he would no doubt be mighty thirsty and the only beverage worth quenching a dry thirst here is of course beer. two i might add, it's really, really hot (so the husband says).

there is of course presents as well.  from each of us, and from father christmas too.  the presents that FC leaves under the tree are (as of this christmas) wrapped only in silver and gold ( they look so much  more special compared to all the others) whilst the others are wrapped in all the bright colours! and we went through all the book boxes and pulled out our favourite christmas stories to read before bed as well.  the nativity (of course!) 6 white boomers (an absolute must read) merry christmas stinky face ( i LOVE LOVE this book) and my absolute favourite, Night Tree (by eve bunting)

so there you have it folks, a little snap shot into christmas at our house.  lunch with the family tomorrow ( prawns or lobster this year?  cant wait!) and then lolling around all afternoon wondering why we all ate too much.  it will be hot, probably really windy too.  and although i do love summer time, i do wish that one year i'll be able to experience the magic of a white christmas. 

peace to you all,
x donna

in the morning we'll be eating pancakes as well (honestly - is there any other way to mark a special occassion?)


I'm not lost...

i've been a naughty blogger (slap hand) i know...  but really, being the lead-up to christmas i do have an excuse dont i?!  the peeps and i have made the trip to perth for a friend's wedding on saturday which i am so lookin forward to.  and i've been able to make some final christmas purchases too.  now, if you are a painter i have a question for you...

i have been wanting to varnish/seal my paintings for some time now, but as i use both oil and acrylic paint, this has proved a little more difficult to resolve - apparently there are different varnishes for both.  what to do???  i have been advised (after many conversations with shop owners etc) that i need to use an isolating medium and then something like MSA by Golden over the top.  so.  i want to know if there is one product out there that i can use rather than two?  the isolating medium takes 3 days to dry - and then the varnish more again.  there must be another way!  

so if you've come across this problem before, i'd love to know how you resolved it!

i am loving the build up to christmas and cant wait to make our christmas biscuits next week with the peeps.  but as with every year, i so WISH i was having a white christmas!  i read a blog post today and the author wrote that it was cold and dark by 4pm...  here it's still light at 7pm!  well, the summer evenings are nice - but oh it would be lovely to snuggle up in front of a fire with a warm cup of milo and a good book!

x me


happy birthday me...

look at this gorgeous piece of art!  it's one of jennifer valentine's creations - have a look at her art - she's so talented!  it's a vintage assemblage oil can turned into a photo holder thingo - isn't it beautiful!  lately i seem to be drawn to assemblage art.  although i dont feel drawn to creating anything assemblage (i'm not really a collector or keeper of things) - i just love seeing what amazing things people put together to create something new.  stay tuned for cheese grater art coming soon!!!


i can see clearly now...

the latest from my studio...  something a little different, but totally enjoyed creating this little birdie.  the words down the birdie's leg reads "she found the courage to stand tall"  perched atop her pile of rubble which is her life, this little birdie knows that even the tough times have refined her heart (gold leafed sections) and it is because of the pile, that she can see clearly into the distance...

creativity knows no bounds...

jus been surfing the web for a little creative inspiration and came across piece mama's blog.  i post the link as it's the only reference to this most amazing piece of art - check it out!  is that not the most amazing piece of quilting you've ever seen?  i dont know who the artist is - but that is one talented and patient person!

but if sea-scapes aren't your cup of tea, perhaps a bit of motor-vation is more you!  i've only ever made one quilting project in my life - a table runner which i am quite proud of - and if there were an extra 5 hours in every day i would definitely do more quilting.  the creative possibilities are quite endless ( who would have guessed, a car jacket?),  but one can only do so much!

got any funky finds off the net today?  post a link in the comments and spread the inspiration around!
thanks for stopping by, x me


and the winners are...

hi everyone!  thanks so much for all of you who visited and took the time to leave a message.  so without further ado, here are the winners of the two prizes...the random number generator has spoken and...
 the pack of cards go to: number 8!  Nicki F
and the bookmarks go to number 3: MLG Creative! 
so message or email me through your addresses and i'll have those in the post for you monday!

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baby steps...

the other day i picked these up from the printer - my new bookmarks!  and i have to say - i'm really impressed with the quality - these are the rolls royce of bookmarks i'm telling you!  and if you're not really a reader - these would be a really bright and gorgeous piece of fridge art!
there's heaps of ideas swimming around in my head - but i just find that lately i have no time...  i am always so tired!  with little ones up at 5 oclock in the mornings - the days are long - and all i really would love is an extended time in the studio...  but that is coming - just around the corner in fact.  in january, i'll have 10 uninterrupted days to create to my heart's content!  in the mean time, if you would like to purchase any of my items: card packs, individual cards, prints or bookmarks, either head over to my ETSY store, or feel free to contact me via email: donnaheart@westnet.com.au

now - for a giveaway!
one lucky reader will win a pack of my 6 cards - blank inside for your message
and another, a set of my new four bookmarks.

all you have to do is leave a comment below and i'll draw the winner on friday night.
here's the catch:  in one sentence, write down your most treasured memory of christmas.
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