My Bright Spark

I've had this photo since November last year - printed and waiting to be scrapped. I just love it, it is definitely one of my fave's of Miss Moo. She really does have a spark in her and it shows through in this pic. I also bought that little mermaid from spotlight and thought this would be a good place to use it - cute eh! Getting right into quotes lately - seems to sum up what I want to say nicely, and I don't have to ponder for ages over the perfect title! Hope you're having a nice day wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


I Made Stuff

I can't believe I actually got three layouts done last night - yeeha! I love this photo of Toby in the back pack - and the quote I found just fits so perfectly. The next one - I've had that gorgeous blue and gold paper for a while now - waiting for a chance to use it. It was lovely handmade wrapping paper from Oxfam - very noice and thanks Kirsty! And the last one - well isn't she just gorgeous! Posing with her milk mo - she cracks me up! This on ehas some new Heidi Swapp stuff on it - the butterflies are 3d - so unfortunately will have to flatten them for the album. Hope you're loving life in your part of the world, thanks for stopping by, X Me.


Finally - some house Pics!

Here's a before and after photo of the front of the house - just have to paint the front door - and get security mesh and new front windows... Thanks M and D for the lovely Poinciana house warming gift!
Before... After...
What do you think! Pretty good eh - and it's so nice to be on the deck with no roof - under the stars at night when it's lovely and mild... What's it like in your part of the world? Thanks for stopping by, X Me


My Little Trouper

My little ray of sunshine! She has been such a trouper today - really taking all of this in her stride. There's been no complaining or whinging. No tears. Well - that's day one anyway! At least another 30 to go! She spent all day going between the puzzle table and the tv - thank god for ABC 2!

I've finally worked out how to print photos on my new Canon Photosmart something or other. I printed off these favourites taken of Millie late last year in Longreach - the light in the late afternoon was just glorious. I really want to get back to doing my everyday journal - but know that I just can't keep it up. So instead of it being called "Everyday Life of the Jensens" I think I'll call it "Random Days in the Life of the Jensens!" And perhaps even get my scrolling photos back too. This literally took about 10 minutes - and you can tell - but that's the whole point. They're not grand layouts - but snippets of our life and our everyday stories for the kids to look back over, thumb through time and again and hopefully get much joy from.
Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages, and for stopping by, X Me.

Crazy Girl!

Look what funky new apparell my girl is sporting! Yes - you see right. Yesterday she fell off the swing at the park. It was quite spectacular actually. At the highest point of the ride, she flipped backwards, did a full somersault and landed splat! on her front with a thud. There were lots of tears that never quite subsided - but no visible damage or pain.

After a long day of cuddles and being carried from bed to lounge to table (she kept telling me to give her hugs - so I did) I finally put my foot down and got her up to go outside and play - and that's when I realised that she couldnt walk or weight bear on her right leg. So, off to the hospital, fearing lower back or pelvis damage (no manipulation of her legs hurt at all) and the X-ray told the story. A lovely squiggly line through her Tibia - or is it Fibula? (the big one) approx 1 inch below her right knee.

So now she has a full leg cast for 4-6 weeks! Oh no - how are we going to do this with an active 2 and a half year old??? Looks like it's going to be craft city around here for a while...
What exciting adventures is your life taking you on? Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


Latest from my Laundry

The painting is finished now - yeeha - what a bugger of a job that was - with all the exposed water pipes and broken bits of fibro wall! The tiler has been and gone and prepared the floor to be levelled and then tiled. Now all I have to do is finalise my mosaic. I'm thinking now of perhaps a mermaid???? Anyhoo, here's a few pics taken of my girl helping me with the painting. She spent the day whispering to me while she did - I htink it's her way of getting me to let her keep doing what she's doing becasue I could change my mind at any moment! What's been going on in your world today? Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Hello Mrs Chicken...

The latest from me. Have just realised the not-so-appropriate choice of position for the red button - shall remedy this immediately!!! Pushed papers around for a week on this one. Sometimes it comes together easily, and sometimes not, but quite happy with the end result(apart from the button!) Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Laundry Update

Hi everyone! Here's the latest on my laundry - not that I would imagine you woul dbe particularly interested in readin gabout my laundry - but it seems to help my creative process to write it down and see it as words - it takes form much easier! Sooooo... Today I had to make some snap colour decisions because my dad was able to come over to my house earlier than expected to help paint ( that didn't actually happen - and is a much longer story - for later perhaps!). So - I had a half hour at Bunnings to decide my tiles and paint and here's what I've come up with...

A lovely cool/icy blue/green . It's probably not quite as green as it looks here - more of an icy blue. The tiles will be white - and the ceiling white too.

I really love this colour. It was a toss-up between lovely yellow tiles and USA white walls with a yellow checked gingham curtain over th ecupboard or this - but I reckon that with white tiles I can always paint the walls yellow in a few years if I want a change!

Next - the mosaic... What to do? A sunny pattern - a floral number (frangipani???) or something beachy becasue we live near the beach... Quite liked this frangi - but something didn't sit right with the whole flower thing - the frangi's have been done to death in the last few years. None the less - the frangi would make a lovely mosaic I think...

And- here's the tiles and the cutter that I bought today - now I'm really committed - so this will have to work out! I REALLY hope it does - Mac doesn't hold much faith in me going through with this - and I think he secretly thinks it will look like a piece of you-know -what - It has to work out! How hard can it be - I ask you???

And here's a design I found which I've decided on to be my inspiration. I'll turn mine into a square. I was going to do something with really irregular edges, like a sun motif - or some wavy kind of pattern, but I also don't want to bite off more than I can chew, so am going for a regular shape and playing it a bit safe... What do you think about it???

And lastly - this has nothing at all to do with the laundry - but I just thought it was o absolutely beautiful that I've put the photo here. Look at the roof! It's a mirror to make you feel as though you really are under water - what an amazing piece of art. Apparently it took 6 months - I can believe that!

Well folks, that's all from me for now - I'm off to design my little piece of "FArt" that's a new word for floor - art :) Thanks for stopping by, X Me



Well I've been tagged by Tania at The Scrapbook House to share six random insignificant things about myself... Hmm now I ask myself - why would anyone be at all interested in random insignificant things about me??? Who starts these things anyway? Not your fault Tania - but these things are...well, a tad strange to me - but anyway - for you my dear here goes (but I couldn't possibly bring myself to tag someone else!)

1. I can't go to bed with dirty feet. If I can't get to a shower for some reason - I'll wash them in a sink or anything!
2. I grew up wanting to be a roadie with U2.
3. I wanted to be a famous singer...
4. I love Hazelnuts - Hazelnut Rolls are the best!
5. If I won a million dollars the first thing I'd buy would be a Kombi van and I'd do it up!
6. I can't stand the sound of ice crunching in the freezer.

So, there you go - a little randomness for today.
Two days until Mac leaves for Canarvon - I'm planning my laundry and toilet floor mosaic - so watch this space for some serious updates over the next week. I thought I'd post some photos just so you can see how ugly this space is. Some may say - well it's only a laundry why bother? But I probably spend more waking hours there than in my bedroom, and so if I must be there - then I want it to at least be a happy space! At the moment there has been some kind of mottled rubber floor covering which has then been painted over with heritage green paint... The walls are brown, the ceiling beige. What on earth possessed anyone to have this combination of colours, is beyond me. I'm planning to paint the walls White, tile the floor - probably yellowy - the old toilet bowl is a lovely powdery blue (retro style) so I may go for a sunny beachy theme of golds and blues to match where we live by the sea. I'm off now to plan a design! Thanks for stopping by, and watch this space! X Me


Didn't Make The Grade...

Hi! Just thought I'd post a few pics of the Utensils that didn't make the cut! I really liked these takes on the theme "Kitchen Utensils" but in the end decided to go with something else... What do you think? Leave me a message - I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by, X Me