Crazy Girl!

Look what funky new apparell my girl is sporting! Yes - you see right. Yesterday she fell off the swing at the park. It was quite spectacular actually. At the highest point of the ride, she flipped backwards, did a full somersault and landed splat! on her front with a thud. There were lots of tears that never quite subsided - but no visible damage or pain.

After a long day of cuddles and being carried from bed to lounge to table (she kept telling me to give her hugs - so I did) I finally put my foot down and got her up to go outside and play - and that's when I realised that she couldnt walk or weight bear on her right leg. So, off to the hospital, fearing lower back or pelvis damage (no manipulation of her legs hurt at all) and the X-ray told the story. A lovely squiggly line through her Tibia - or is it Fibula? (the big one) approx 1 inch below her right knee.

So now she has a full leg cast for 4-6 weeks! Oh no - how are we going to do this with an active 2 and a half year old??? Looks like it's going to be craft city around here for a while...
What exciting adventures is your life taking you on? Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. oh Don, that's terrible terrible news. you could always scrap the cast. LOL

    Sorry, that's taking the obsession a little far


  2. ohmygod donna, poor lil millie...on the lighter side of life it was a pretty amazing dismount!
    See you next week
    lizzy (mothers group at spalding park)
    ps. sorry again aboutjack throwing sand, he can be a naughty little thing sometimes.

  3. OH NO...poor Millie!!!
    Poor Mummy too! We hope she is on the road to recovery soon! Poor lil chook!
    Donna, can you please email me your postal addy - Pretty sure I know it but want to make sure!
    Lots of love and hugs
    Melis, Poppy & +1

  4. my daughter had one of those when she was 22 months old, though the story is less exciting than yours. She actually broke it on Christmas Day coming down the stairs at G'ma and G'pa's house. We didn't know it was broken, either, until the next day. We thought maybe a sprain or a twisted ankle, but when she refused to weight bear, well off to the ER we went. :) Have fun with all your crafts and happy healing!! Oh, and as someone else said: this is great fodder for scrapbooking. ;)