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The painting is finished now - yeeha - what a bugger of a job that was - with all the exposed water pipes and broken bits of fibro wall! The tiler has been and gone and prepared the floor to be levelled and then tiled. Now all I have to do is finalise my mosaic. I'm thinking now of perhaps a mermaid???? Anyhoo, here's a few pics taken of my girl helping me with the painting. She spent the day whispering to me while she did - I htink it's her way of getting me to let her keep doing what she's doing becasue I could change my mind at any moment! What's been going on in your world today? Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. lol--- she is toooooo cute! - and love the color -- i bet you have been run off your feet.. what i want to know is where is the little boy in your life --- he needs a paintbrush too -- as long as he doesn't want to eat it - enjoy your day tommorow -tp

  2. I thought child labour was banned in this country??? LOL!!! Jokes!
    She is a cute as a button!
    Looking good so far!
    My days are filled with relief teaching at the moment!:(
    Chat soon
    Melis XX

  3. too cute pics Donna, love the colour too, we're not doing much, I'm just getting bigger and bigger, and the kids are getting more feral.