Laundry Update

Hi everyone! Here's the latest on my laundry - not that I would imagine you woul dbe particularly interested in readin gabout my laundry - but it seems to help my creative process to write it down and see it as words - it takes form much easier! Sooooo... Today I had to make some snap colour decisions because my dad was able to come over to my house earlier than expected to help paint ( that didn't actually happen - and is a much longer story - for later perhaps!). So - I had a half hour at Bunnings to decide my tiles and paint and here's what I've come up with...

A lovely cool/icy blue/green . It's probably not quite as green as it looks here - more of an icy blue. The tiles will be white - and the ceiling white too.

I really love this colour. It was a toss-up between lovely yellow tiles and USA white walls with a yellow checked gingham curtain over th ecupboard or this - but I reckon that with white tiles I can always paint the walls yellow in a few years if I want a change!

Next - the mosaic... What to do? A sunny pattern - a floral number (frangipani???) or something beachy becasue we live near the beach... Quite liked this frangi - but something didn't sit right with the whole flower thing - the frangi's have been done to death in the last few years. None the less - the frangi would make a lovely mosaic I think...

And- here's the tiles and the cutter that I bought today - now I'm really committed - so this will have to work out! I REALLY hope it does - Mac doesn't hold much faith in me going through with this - and I think he secretly thinks it will look like a piece of you-know -what - It has to work out! How hard can it be - I ask you???

And here's a design I found which I've decided on to be my inspiration. I'll turn mine into a square. I was going to do something with really irregular edges, like a sun motif - or some wavy kind of pattern, but I also don't want to bite off more than I can chew, so am going for a regular shape and playing it a bit safe... What do you think about it???

And lastly - this has nothing at all to do with the laundry - but I just thought it was o absolutely beautiful that I've put the photo here. Look at the roof! It's a mirror to make you feel as though you really are under water - what an amazing piece of art. Apparently it took 6 months - I can believe that!

Well folks, that's all from me for now - I'm off to design my little piece of "FArt" that's a new word for floor - art :) Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. It is going to be FAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!! Can't wait to see progress!!

  2. what a cooool piece of mosaic art...or fart as you have dubbed it...pmsl