My Little Trouper

My little ray of sunshine! She has been such a trouper today - really taking all of this in her stride. There's been no complaining or whinging. No tears. Well - that's day one anyway! At least another 30 to go! She spent all day going between the puzzle table and the tv - thank god for ABC 2!

I've finally worked out how to print photos on my new Canon Photosmart something or other. I printed off these favourites taken of Millie late last year in Longreach - the light in the late afternoon was just glorious. I really want to get back to doing my everyday journal - but know that I just can't keep it up. So instead of it being called "Everyday Life of the Jensens" I think I'll call it "Random Days in the Life of the Jensens!" And perhaps even get my scrolling photos back too. This literally took about 10 minutes - and you can tell - but that's the whole point. They're not grand layouts - but snippets of our life and our everyday stories for the kids to look back over, thumb through time and again and hopefully get much joy from.
Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages, and for stopping by, X Me.

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