Well I've been tagged by Tania at The Scrapbook House to share six random insignificant things about myself... Hmm now I ask myself - why would anyone be at all interested in random insignificant things about me??? Who starts these things anyway? Not your fault Tania - but these things are...well, a tad strange to me - but anyway - for you my dear here goes (but I couldn't possibly bring myself to tag someone else!)

1. I can't go to bed with dirty feet. If I can't get to a shower for some reason - I'll wash them in a sink or anything!
2. I grew up wanting to be a roadie with U2.
3. I wanted to be a famous singer...
4. I love Hazelnuts - Hazelnut Rolls are the best!
5. If I won a million dollars the first thing I'd buy would be a Kombi van and I'd do it up!
6. I can't stand the sound of ice crunching in the freezer.

So, there you go - a little randomness for today.
Two days until Mac leaves for Canarvon - I'm planning my laundry and toilet floor mosaic - so watch this space for some serious updates over the next week. I thought I'd post some photos just so you can see how ugly this space is. Some may say - well it's only a laundry why bother? But I probably spend more waking hours there than in my bedroom, and so if I must be there - then I want it to at least be a happy space! At the moment there has been some kind of mottled rubber floor covering which has then been painted over with heritage green paint... The walls are brown, the ceiling beige. What on earth possessed anyone to have this combination of colours, is beyond me. I'm planning to paint the walls White, tile the floor - probably yellowy - the old toilet bowl is a lovely powdery blue (retro style) so I may go for a sunny beachy theme of golds and blues to match where we live by the sea. I'm off now to plan a design! Thanks for stopping by, and watch this space! X Me


  1. Thanks for humouring me.
    A roadie? My brother is a huge U2 fan.. I think secretly he wants to BE in U2.

  2. love the space girlfriend ... oh what to do ... wish it was my space so i could get down there on my hands and knees and mosaic it with ya... but you are miles away...love your pics on your last post too ... they are awesome.. kinda really liked them... don't forget to scrap them will ya... how's your day journal going?

  3. ill watch this space ...you can do it babe!!!!!