some friends and a fairy...

so idecided to put the plant and little birdie on the left hand side - what do you think? i'm really happy with it and must say it's one of my faves. what i love most about painting these wonderful women is not nowing what they will look like when i start out - not knowing
what type of personality will be there when it's finished. they seem to come alive of their own accord on the canvas - it's quite thrilling!
my fairy godmother is great too - don't you think? perhaps she needs big gold hoop earrings though - she does seem to say'gypsie' to me - a sort of gypsie fairy godmother fairy... i hope you're dreaming big and believing big today. i am...
X me


  1. I love it. When I saw it yesterday with the blank space I really didn't know what to suggest but the plant and bird finish it off beautifully. Wonderful!

  2. That's really gorgeous Donna - and I LOVE the fairy godmother.

    Honestly you just keep getting better and better. Don't stop painting!

    Yona x

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhh LOVE the bidie touch Don...gorgeous!

    Clever chicky !