calling all tribe members!

so - one of the reasons why i want to put my paintings on my blog is for feedback. and not just the tickle-my-ears type - you know? it is always good to get a fresh perspective - someone with fresh eyes - someone who doesn't know me at all - purely objective...
i've repainted the background on this one about three times and it's getting to the point where i'm almost happy with it. here's where my indescision lies - do you think i should add anything to the left side - the negative space? i won't even mention what my thoughts are there as i don't want to taint your ideas. anything would be great - i think all suggestions/critique is helpful - so please - let me know what you reckon!

have a wonderful day - hope you're finding time to be creative! X me


  1. Hey Don, love it but what about a quote that goes right down the side and along the bottom, and then sort of blend it out, iykwim.

    Just started a Suzi class, can't wait to get into it.


  2. Hey mate! I am no expert, but i love the empty space! Don't know why! Just do! Michy xx

  3. Okay, to my untrained, unarty eye...when i first looked at it, it looked like something used to be there and had been removed. but I reckon it's gotta be something sort of fade-into-the background-ish 'cos the girls are the main focus. BTW, love the wallpaper look to the background...reminds me of an old farmhouse with lots of secrets.
    Don x

  4. Maybe the girl on the right could have a speech bubble saying something about, "That's where the new lamp could go?"
    No seriously...
    I don't know why I thought this, but when I first looked at the picture I thought of a small black bird sitting on the black line to the left, on the edge of the canvas.
    Love ya Don, love your work
    kaz x