press in...

here she is! i stayed up late last night and worked away on her face - i just love seeing the personality unfold. i love doing the face. this one too was created on clayboard - such a great medium. she measures 12 x 16 " and was a good size for me when it comes to painting the face. if it's too small, i find blending hard - probably 'coz i'm such a novice lol!
The words say 'press in' 'embrace the spikes' and 'move on' i'm sure there would be many of you who may find all or some of these words true. i've been thinking alot lately about the whole notion of leaning into the hard parts of life, rather than recoiling away from them (the natural reaction). it's a difficult challenge. possibly the most difficult.
i mean i'm not real keen on embracing the spiky painful bits, but it seems to me through reading and listening to others who have braved the spikes and come out the other side that it's the best way to go. because once you have conquered something, a fear or a failure or a great big dismal looking valley, and walked out the other side intact, then there is really nothing you can't do. and i suspect that with that 'thing' behind you - one can walk away and not have to deal with it ever again. so here's to being brave. here's to being strong and facing life's challenges head on. here's to all the people who have come out the other side - i feel your collective encouragement - thankyou!

X Me


  1. She's gorgeous Donna - I hope you're going to hang her next to "love your fate"??

    You're right - embracing and dealing with the "spiky" bits is definitely worth it - although HARD at the time.

    Keep walking the path - you're doing so well....

    Yona xx

  2. I love her! - she has a gentleness about her. The clayboard sounds like an interesting material to work with.

    So true about leaning into spiky bits. I'm doing a bit of leaning in myself at the moment. Your words have given me encouragement to keep going!

  3. Don,
    you are a brave and talented artist, I miss you so much and send you big hugs. Lots of love to the kidlets too. Keep creating and sharing - love it!
    Don x

  4. Hey Matey! Shes lovely! I love the colours! Hope all is well in your world! Michelle X