A Sneek Peek and a Revamp...

Here's a piece I'm working on now - I may even finishe her off tonight but just thought i'd post a pic of it in is middle stage. i bought a couple of clayboards online and love them. i haven't actually used them to their potential - you can scratch out paint and sand your work back - a whole heap of techniques apparently, but i just love the hard surface they provide for doing mixed media on. previously i was buying thick blocks of pine, but they were sooooo heavy! obviously not conducive to posting off across the country if need be - or puttin gon a high shelf. so these are the perfect combination of being light, durable and a great hard surface to work on. in think i got these from Dick Blick - such a great online art store... and this is one i've posted recently, but i reworked her hair today to fall over her eyes. those bug eyes were really bugging me! so now she has a more sultry look. i don't think that wierd art is really were i'm at atm - that's not to say it wont resurface in the future - but for now i'm feeling a little safe! but i love love love the Luminart paints - so shiny - if you like that metallic look and thick and creamy and rough too - if you've ever seen a traditional aboriginal painting done in ochre - the texture on the surface is not dissimilar - yummy!
have a fantastic day wherever you are.

X Me

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