Miss Moo Turns Three!

From this little ray of sunshine (who came four weeks early) to this glowing beautiful little girl...
Happy Birthday Millie Moo! It's so hard to believe that three year shave passed - and so quickly! Isn't it amazing that in three short years a little human can go from squirmy googly, to happy, confident and talking ten-to-the dozen! It truly is a miracle of life. We had a lovely day. Giving of gifts in the mornig, some friends around for morning tea - both big and small, and then off to the pool in the afternoon for a family swim. Here's the fairy cake. SOooooooo easy this one. Just ice cream with lots of yummy chocolate bars chopped up and stirred through with a cheapy dolly stuck inside. She loved it and it took about 15 minutes to make.

Millie with her two dear friends, Faith and Harry.

The mums!

Aren't these two like peas in a pod!

Eating some yummy yummy cake.

A photo with friends...

Standard 'mum and dad' birthday photo...

Helping me to blow up the balloons...

The dolls house...

This was funny. We had put the doll's house together and it was quite big so we covered it over with a sheet. We walked Millie over to it and said "now close your eyes for the surprise" and she did so and held out her hand for the present - how beautiful is that!

They're not in order but I'm sure you wont mind. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous Donna. Boo said "Hey those are like my old 'jamies ~ hang on - they are my old 'jamies". :-)

    So when do I get an invite to try out the dollshouse??!!!!

    Love, Yona xx

  2. beautiful donna - i am sure she had the most fabulous birthday - and you probably had to make a deal with her to get her out of the doll house and go to bed...ohhhh and how big and grown up does your little fellow look - too cute - take care of you - xx

  3. Aww what a yummy cake.. Did you take all those photo's? they are stunningly beautiful. What a gorgeous girl looks like she had a great day xx

    Hope you had a fabulous day!
    Ring us when you get to Perth so we can arrange a play...and Don, I have MORE scrapping stuff for you!LOL! The endless stash!
    Love Melis X

  5. MILLIE!!!!!!

    hey Aunty Don xx

    It's Maddi, I honestly am so sorry i didn't call for the birthday girl.

    grrr it's been real busy here but I am free at the moment so i'll give ya a call in a tic. :) Happy Birthday for mil, it looks like it was loads of fun, so cute xx love ya