Last Minute Decision...

Guess where we went on Saturday?! It was heaps of fun - and so good for Miss Moo and HJ to spend some precious time with their cousins. Sorry I've been a bit out of touch recently - but made a quick trip to Perth for mum's 70th this weekend. Will be back on monday and getting stuck into those next few paintings so I'll hopefully have some more art to post up soon.

I loved going on this Merry-go-Round when I was little and it was such a buzz to see it there still being enjoyed by kids and adults alike today.

The three stooges! What a great day - so worth the effort. How did you spend your weekend? Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. hey Aunty Don xx

    It's Maddi, How are ya? The pics are awsome. Love the three girls. They're so cute. Good work on your paintings too. Love them, keep it up. Love and miss you. xxx

    Maddi =)

  2. love ya shots don,cant wait to see some more art

  3. wow - bet you are glad you snuck away for the weekend and no doubt you have heaps of great shots to play with now too - love all your funky pics you have been painting and how much have your little angels grown - chat soon - take care - and good luck with your sales....