Greenough Historical Village

We were up and out the door by 8 this morning to take some family photos for a dear friend Aunty 'Lissa and her crew. Not far from Gero is the Greenough River Historical village - and such a great spot for photos, so we spent about an hour there. At the end AL took a few snaps of me and the kids and I just love them This red door turned out to be the best spot for photos this morning with just the right amount of colour and interest - don't you think?!

This one is my personal fave. This is Mr T's latest funny face and you can hardly look at him without him doing it right back! He is so funny and keeps my spirits light. And Miss M isn't too excited by getting her photo taken - can't you tell! Even still - she can't help beingn beautiful...

I got aheap of Thomas the Tank enjine trains for cheap about a month ago and Mr T will not let a moment go by without having one in his hand. He holds onto them all day, today being no exception. He even gets upset if you take it out of his hand to put his arm through the t shirt hole! Here he is with Emily!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek, X Me.


  1. Such beautiful photos.

  2. What excellent pics Don, I simply cannot believe how grown up little Millie is looking now... is it the hair, or the facial changes? Dunno. And Toby!! He's quite the little man is he not!! So cute, that expression is priceless. OH, and before I forget, have to say, LOVING the hair-do, its been way too long since we have seen you, frankly, love the colour. Nice. You are one artistic groovin' mama!!
    K xo

  3. loving the pics donna - kinda like the very last one the best - facial expression does it for me - cause i can see the love... ohhh i love the red door too & mr T's face lol ... but the last is my fave.