A Birthday Bash and a Couple on Their Way...

Today we went to the Purple Palace for more third birthday celebrations. When we arrived we found the whole front of the house decorated just for Miss Moo - balloons, streamers, birthday banners on the garage door and well wishes on the windows - how spesh did this little girl feel!!!And check out the awesome 'Yata that The H's made for Min Min (she prefers that name).

All the kids took turns to have a bash - here is Min having her go - they are so much fun and thoroughly recommended if you've never tried one - although there is a lot of work that goes into making them - just to see them bashed to pieces! Thanks Rosie and girls for all the hard work and staying up late (R!) to finish!And another icecream dolly cake with the gang- pink this time!

Min got so spoilt with this beautiful tin tea set and a great set of really vibrant soft crayons made with bees wax - yummy!The proof is in the cup - she loves it!

And finally, a couple more ladies very close to being ready as well - these were the two eerie half painted ones from a few posts back! I'll post a pic of them when completed, hopefully tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by my piece of cyber space, X Me.

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  1. i love the photos. the pinata and the cake are so cute. what fun.

    i LOvE the painting of the ladies. i'm off to check out your etsy shop.

    have a great day!