Nothing New

Hi folks. I had planned to post a pic of the latest layout I did for Millie's album last night (using my very favourite chook hugging photo) and it absolutely turned out like the dog's breakfast. I'm soooo disappointed... Anyway - it really isn't blogworthy, so I'll have to try again tomorrow night me thinks. Have just found this lovely blog of Lusi Austin. Check out her RAK giveaway - a generous soul she is!

Caught up with some wonderful old friends this week Jo and Jarrod. Jo is an amazing artist - silversmith - painter - murals - leadlighter - rennaisance woman - TOTALLY inspiring. She has a little jewellery love for sale at her spot - check out her very groovy stuff here . I always love being around creative souls becasue it inspires me so much and fills me with a drive that I don't normally find on my own. I wish I could bottle up her talent and drink it ! Anyway - wherever you are - I hope your are loving your life. If you are new and have stumbled across this spot - leave me a message and link and I'll visit you too! Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Are you thinking what I'm thinking???

It's Concert Time!!! Look who we went to see last week. This was Millie's first concert - she loved it, although as you can see in the photos spent most of the time firmly attached to me and her bottle! The absolute hit was Postman Pat and his best friend Jess the cat - just a shame Toby missed him! Thanks for stopping by, X Me


More Scraps

I had my first 'outing' on the weekend without the kidlets - yay! DH looked after the littlies whilst I went to my LSS (yes - how very exciting I now have one) The Scrapbook House and partook in a lock-in. Unfortunately at around 1030 I got a call from DH begging me to come home to the child who had been screaming for two hours - poor little thing. But it was great and met some really fab gals as well. When I walked through the door DS was asleep on DH's chest - apparently he'd "just fllen asleep"...Always the way isn't it! Anyway, here's my efforts for the night.

I also finished off my lo for Maz's cj - My Style...Finally!

AND - had the chance for a quick catch up with Melissa this week too and the gorgeous Miss P - here are the two munchkins...

Finally a little pic of my latest procurement - a retro something or other kitchenette - I love it! My mum hates it - but that's ok! It was cheap and the style matches our 60's house. Not a good photo - the green is so much nicer irl - but it was late and the flash is average. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


*heart* life

As you may have noticed, I've changed the title of my blog - have wanted to for ages now. Was pondering over it and decided for *heart* life. I wanted to make the art in heart italic as that's the main bit really, that I love that art is such a huge part of me and my life (well actually at the moment I'm not getting much done at all - but it's there, all the time. The desire to do, and lots of ideas and sleepless nights designing and creating in my head). I love to create. I want to create more and learn more and do more and make more lovely stuff and get together with other beautiful lovely creative people and ... You get the picture?! Do you *heart* your life? I do! X Me



I was playing around with a new template from another site and inadvertantly (is that even a word???) deleted all of my settings - all my favourite sites I visit, blogs, hit counter etc - nooooooooo..... I remember there 4034 hits at the time. Can anyone let me know of the hit counter address and I'll make a new one. BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER...

Another CJ Layout...

Here's one I've done for Anne- Marie's journal themed - Count Your Blessings. I'm getting there - slowly! Thanks for stopping by - if you're not a computer, then leave me a message from your place in our global village! X Me



Well I've finally managed to do something ! I was inspired (if you could call it that) by some new Charlie and Lola books we've been reading alot around here lately to do the first layout - Imagine. It's been about three months since I've scrapped and I had no idea where to start or what to do - so this is my getting back on track effort. I was quite happy with it - to start with, that is until Millie found it - and my inks and decided it needed a little more! So I had to change it a little to hide the evidence! Here 'tis...

And here's one I did for a CJ through the SM forum - My Style... The bad news is - I measured up the wrong CJ for it - so now I have to start again... Anyway - here 'tis - I'll keep this one and redo tonight! Thanks for stopping by and hope you're having a great day. If this is your first time here - leave me a message as I'd love to hear from you! X Me