Nothing New

Hi folks. I had planned to post a pic of the latest layout I did for Millie's album last night (using my very favourite chook hugging photo) and it absolutely turned out like the dog's breakfast. I'm soooo disappointed... Anyway - it really isn't blogworthy, so I'll have to try again tomorrow night me thinks. Have just found this lovely blog of Lusi Austin. Check out her RAK giveaway - a generous soul she is!

Caught up with some wonderful old friends this week Jo and Jarrod. Jo is an amazing artist - silversmith - painter - murals - leadlighter - rennaisance woman - TOTALLY inspiring. She has a little jewellery love for sale at her spot - check out her very groovy stuff here . I always love being around creative souls becasue it inspires me so much and fills me with a drive that I don't normally find on my own. I wish I could bottle up her talent and drink it ! Anyway - wherever you are - I hope your are loving your life. If you are new and have stumbled across this spot - leave me a message and link and I'll visit you too! Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. Hey Donna! Thanks for stopping by and for the shout-out mate! Love your snaps below - my kids love concerts too!!! and really love your kitchenette - TOTALLY COOL!
    Love and blessings,
    Lus x

  2. Hi Donna, always popping over to see what new creations or photos you have posted... So, now I'm not a lurker anymore, I'm out in the open!! LOL!! xx