More Scraps

I had my first 'outing' on the weekend without the kidlets - yay! DH looked after the littlies whilst I went to my LSS (yes - how very exciting I now have one) The Scrapbook House and partook in a lock-in. Unfortunately at around 1030 I got a call from DH begging me to come home to the child who had been screaming for two hours - poor little thing. But it was great and met some really fab gals as well. When I walked through the door DS was asleep on DH's chest - apparently he'd "just fllen asleep"...Always the way isn't it! Anyway, here's my efforts for the night.

I also finished off my lo for Maz's cj - My Style...Finally!

AND - had the chance for a quick catch up with Melissa this week too and the gorgeous Miss P - here are the two munchkins...

Finally a little pic of my latest procurement - a retro something or other kitchenette - I love it! My mum hates it - but that's ok! It was cheap and the style matches our 60's house. Not a good photo - the green is so much nicer irl - but it was late and the flash is average. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. Hey - I LOVE that Kitchenette. Wish it would fit in at my place.... but alas, no!!

    I'll just come and admire it at yours instead.

    Yona xx :-)

  2. It was great catching up Donna but sorry it was sooooooo rushed!
    Hey I LOVE your kitchenette - is that from the antique shop in town?
    Also check out the "Barn" (Northwest coastal H'way)just before spotlight, for good antiques and second hand goodies!

    Look at our gorgeous girls! They are on my blog too!

    Love your LOs - you might inpire those Gero girls to get arty/painty!



  3. Those pages are awesome girl. and that cupboard thing is the bomb. My grandparents have one the same except they painted it pink and blue.


  4. Hi Dode,

    Chloe has just spied your new header and she REALLY likes it. I keep thinking it is the red sand of Broome (not the orange concrete of Gero!).


  5. great photos of the lil ones and wooooow weeee that first layouts screaming at me......
    sooo awesome...soooo arty ...im gonna lift it ...look out

  6. OH yes Don NOW I see what you are talking about - totally retro kitchenette thingo!! Kinda like a 60's dresser. What a groover eh, totally reminding me of Grandma's place in my childhoood! Not being able to see it in context, the bit I can see, I do think it works very well. There, an opinion from your scientific/analytical/writer/academic/nonblogging/nonscrapping/wannabecreativeartyfartyperson/phototaking DOP
    K xo