*heart* life

As you may have noticed, I've changed the title of my blog - have wanted to for ages now. Was pondering over it and decided for *heart* life. I wanted to make the art in heart italic as that's the main bit really, that I love that art is such a huge part of me and my life (well actually at the moment I'm not getting much done at all - but it's there, all the time. The desire to do, and lots of ideas and sleepless nights designing and creating in my head). I love to create. I want to create more and learn more and do more and make more lovely stuff and get together with other beautiful lovely creative people and ... You get the picture?! Do you *heart* your life? I do! X Me


  1. Donna... I have been trying to figure out what HTFL was? I came up with all sorts of weird ideas.. none of which were right I am sure! Love your new name too!

  2. i love the art in my life too donna..love yor fresh new look

  3. i'm feeling ya! -- glad to see you are settling in still and loving those few layouts that you have shared ... cathcya!