Is this the most beautiful little boy you've ever seen or what! I could just drown in those eyes - they are amazing. I'm so glad I captured this moment, that look he gets just prior to breaking out in a big Mr Happy Jack grin... This one - this grin - how adorable is that!!! I am one lucky mumma!
And this little elf just wouldn't play the photo game - so I ended up with a heap of strange crazy shots of Miss Moo.

Been incredibly tired in the past week - and having the kids on my own this week too - so have really just blobbed out at night. But my ma is coming up next week so hope to jump back into some painting then... Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. Soooo cute Donna. Butter wouldn't melt eh??!! :-)
    Love, Fee xx

  2. Hey Aunty Don xx

    Maddi again, :) Im so proud that those gawjuzz kids are MY cousins, they really do shine, they're stunning, especially the cute face Toby does. hehe, not to mention your fantastic photography!!!! Love you. xxx


  3. they are too cute -- and couldn't ya write a book for the precious little ones of all the beautiful things that they come out with - take care