If You're a Mum, You'll Understand...

Today was a milestone day. I had my first cup of coffee (yes, still a tad tired) UNHINDERED (in I have no idea how long) !!! Yes, that's right - from the very first sip right the way through to the end. It was hot - oh soooo lovely and hot. I didn't have to share it, or stop halfway to sort out an incident, and it didn't get left half drunk in the mug, or worse still left in the pot. BUT WAIT! There's more... I even managed to have a whole piece of banana bread on my own too. Now, if you're a mum of littlies, or have been in the past, you will understand the enormity of this occurance and why it was post-worthy and blogable.
All I can say is one word: BUNNINGS
The stars were right - this is a good week for me!
I have another painting just waiting in the wings too - check back tomorrow if you want to see her - she's a rippa!
Thanks for stopping by, X Me

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