Wed Night Scraps

Each wed night I head over to 'Lissa's house together with Lisa to have a yak and scrap. This was my last effort. It was a first for me to actually get something done - usually it's more yak than scrap which is great fun in itself!

Also got tagged for this little award thingo:
Thanks Nic P!
Am supposed to tag 7 others too - but I think they've all been tagged as well. So I'll do as Poppy'smum did and mention some of my must-check-in-every-day blogs...
1. Nic Pomeroy: This girl gets better by the day - I love how she manages to produce unique and funky designs.
2. Lisa Oxley: The perfect blend of colour, texture and embellishment. If you love arty scrapping, then look here, she's the queen of paint!
3. Tracey Thorne: Never does a bad layout - this girl has a great sense for type and design (but she needs to show us more!LOL)
4. Emily Falconbridge: You probably all know her scrap style - I just love her unique, arty, boho style and those gorgeous photos she uses. Always heaps of inspiration here.
5. Michelle Jamieson: This gal never produces a dud - such an eye for colour and fonts - a fresh funky chick!
6. Jen Hall: You've heard me mention her before, but I will again. The busiest gal in the world, manages to do absolutley everything! BUT - I mostly love how she turns her hand to make titles and embelishments instead of using pre-made. It's so unique and personal - and if you're on a budget - oh so good to do!
7. Melissa Corbett: Crisp, funky and photo centred - I LOVE LOVE LOVE her scraps!
8. And I couldn't not add in the very talented Anne Maree. This girl is a great mixed media artist who does layers like breathing. I wish I had some of her style!
Thanks for all your constant inspiration gals!

I hope you are well and learning lots and enjoying the adventure! Thanks for stopping by, X Me.

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