Don't you just love spring! The weather here has been nothing short of fabulous. The most gorgeous warm days - just begging us all to go outside and play! So I've been getting stuck into the garden and planting lots of flowers and herbs, rearranging pots etc. Went to the anual Chapman Valley show on Saturday which was great. Millie had a fun time with her bestie Harry. On friday we went for a picnic at the park with some 'special' friends (Guy and Polar Bear) and also met some 'real' friends to play with too! After that it was a trip to the Grenough Wildlife park for a snake talk. So it's been a busy weekend and lots of fun.
I've been downloading some great photoshop actions - and have had a little play on the weekend with them. What do you think?
Soft and Faded

Soft edge burn (a bit harsh do you think?)
Funky Vintage
LOMO Millie - I Love this scrunchy-up face, she cracks me up!

LOMO Hotdog stand
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day, X Me.

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