10 Things We Love About Norma

Well I've finally finished it! This is a paper bag journal I've put together for Mac's mum-Norma who has recently undergone major back surgery and is in hospital for three weeks recovering. It's filled with comments about what we love about her, and also lots of photos of the grandies to help cheer her up-as well as some beautiful shots of the Kimberley taken by Mac last year.

Thanks to Emily Falconbridge - I was inspired by the journal she put together for her dad for Father's Day. Hope you like it! (I hope Norma likes it!)


Too Easy Overlays...

Ok - so it's sort of scrap-cheating, scrapping -for-dummies if you will, but I didn't have much time, AND I love the Rouge de Garance paper so much I couldn't bring myself to either chop it up, or cover over it. So this overlay does the trick and it was perfect timing as mum sent this photo in the mail this week. It was taken at Toby's Welcome to the World party in May this year - Kaz is on the left, and Nellie on the right - me in the middle. All I had to do was stick on thelettering and stamp the journalling - giddy up!

The Snail Mail Fairy...

Just look at what arrived in the mail for me today! I am a lucky gal aren't I! This is the most gorgeous canvas scrapped for Toby by none other than my favourite artist - Scrapwitch (check out her Blog on the link My Daily Bread) and she has gone and spoilt me with some gorgeous PP's, chipboard flourishes and Heidi Swapp alphas - HUGE hug to you Lisa - thank you so much, you really made my week!

Gypsie Jug

Couldn't resist putting up this little pic I took today of Gypsie - what a little cutie eh! After a couple of laps around the yard with Kunjie she's been resting most of the day and is also responding well to the 'sit' and 'come' commands - so there's hope yet! (Although she did sneak in to Millie's room and have her way with a stuffed rabbit - biting it I mean!)


Finally - My First Canvas

Well, here it is folks - my first scrapped canvas. Thanks mostly to Scrapwitch - who not only inspires me with her wonderfully textured and free spirited style, but who also keep sasking me "when can we some work Donski?!" This is a gift for my god-daughter's birthday. The base PP is Rouge de Garace (sp?) the rest is - well, who cares! I love the blue orange combo, but not too happy with the orange /green chipboard jobby under the 'S'. Anyway - not bad for a first time me thinks!

The Busiest Weekend...

Well this past weekend I had planned to get some scrapping done. I've got two projects I'm desperate to finish - one is a canvas for my god-daughter Rhiannon's birthday (I'm late by about 3 weeks...) and the other is a get well journal for Mac's mum who has recently undergone major back surgery and is laid up for 3 weeks in hospital.

But instead we were gardening all weekend - which is a nice trade-off as I love that too. We managed to complete the veggie garden - retic, mulch and all with spinach, zuccini, baby broccoli, broccoli, snow peas; cherrie, Roma and Grosse Lisse tomatoes, coriander, rosemary and oregano. Oh, and not to mention marigolds!

We also have the chook yard almost finished as well. Mac is just waiting on a guy with a post hole digger to dig the holes for the door to go in, and then it's ready for fluffy friends - yeah!!!

I also finished the flower garden which will be nice as it's at the very end of the driveway - it's got lavender, marigolds and petunias. This is exciting for me because it's the first time - ever (and I'm 35) I've had my very own garden.

We also managed to get ten red flowering poincianas in along the driveway - and are waiting for another 8 to complete the avenue, and 8 of the most beautiful bogainvilleas (sp?) as a screen down the side of the driveway near the shed. I can't wait to see it in about 5 years - it should all be a mass of colour! Now today it has started raining again - which is perfect timing after all that planting!

And finally, Introducing...GYPSIE JUG!

To close off a very busy and productive weekend, I picked up our new addition - Gypsie the Jug puppy. A jug is a hybrid breed crossed between a Jack Russel and a Pug - true story, you can google it if you like! She's very cute, not toilet trained and full of beans, but Kunjie and her had a great run around this morning and burnt off heaps of energy. Hopefully she settles down a bit though in the coming weeks!


Number One!

Well I can't believe it - I have actually caved in to the pressure and set up my very own blogg (thanks Witchy!) I hope it will be a way for friends and family across the country to keep up with the latest and greatest in what's happening with the Jensen mob and also a way to get some of my creative mojo 'out there' into cyber world.
I've called my blog 'Here For the Living' which is taken from the lyrics of a Waifs song - Take it in. For those of you who don't know it - get it, and those of you who do will know it was written about Broome - my old home town. So, apart from relating totally to the words - I do believe that life only happens once. You only get one crack at this crazy world and I for one am here for the living of it, and squeezing the life out of every moment - I'm here for the living of it, and living it to the full!

This week the postie delivered a gorgeous gift for our newest addition Toby. Anne - what an angel you are - thank you so much for such a kind and thoughtful gift - you rock! I just wanted to show off a couple of your beautiful pieces, hope you don't mind!

And another...

And another!

And just one more...

I'm still amazed! People like Anne (whom I've never actually met in person) really renew my faith in humankind. I hope it comes back around for you Anne!
I look forward to sharing life, art and stuff with you all. Check in from time to time and see how we're going. Leave a message or three and wish me luck as I dive headlong into the 21st century! Here I come cyber world - Giddy Up!