a matter of courage...

my life seems to be ticking over at a very nice rate at the moment - not too fast, not too slow...  little by little i am making headway with the business, and any day now my first batch of cards will arrive on my doorstep! stepping out into the unknown for me has been an exciting move, but none-the-less requiring a certain amount of courage. as always there is a deceptively sweet small voice in the back of my mind giving me a list of reasons not to dream too big, or expect too much. so these words lately have been my own words of advice - or as we used to say in the army 'orders to myself only'!

tust my wings - fly with courage in my heart...
it's been so long since i've painted, and i've been pining to do so, so when i started this painting a day ago, my muse was with me and everything seemed to meld and gel and come together so well. i used some new paints by Matisse which being earthy tones was a step outside my usual bright and sunny pallette.   i had lots of fun scraping paint with an old business card, stamping circles with lids and even using my 4 year old's foam brushes as well!  i spent up big at scrap central in perth and experimented with the new tim holtz crackle paint here as well.  on her wings i used the clear crackle paint and then rubbed in ink to make the lines more visible. 
i had so much fun with this one - and apart from a minor mishap with some surface tension breaker which left the paint looking like curdled milk on the canvas (paper covers a multitude of sins!) everything worked so well...
hopefully i'll be able to ride this wave again soon as i desperately need to paint paint and paint some more!
hope life is well for you in your part of the world,

thanks for stopping by, x me

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  1. She looks lovely. Kinda strange not to have seen the "work in progress". Guess I'll have to get used to that. Missing you :( xxoxoxo