look what landed on my doorstep yesterday...

woohoo!  they're finally here!  my first ever run of cards.  a couple of months later than i had hoped/anticipated, but here none-the-less.  so it's lots of folding, folding and more folding for me with 1500 of these little beauties!  and then some collating, and then...  stocking the ETSY store!  i will be selling these both individually and in packs of 6.  i'm just finalising prices in my head so stay tuned as i'm hoping that by end of next week these will all be available for purchase!
thanks for stopping by, x me


  1. Cool ... Can I be your first ever customer??!!! I'll expect a personally signed pack.
    Love, Yona x

  2. Cool I'll take a pack !! Love love love your work - You go girl...You Rock !! xxx Jo S C

  3. Well, it's about time you started an Etsy store!
    It's gonna be successful, I just know it!!
    You VERY CREATIVE girl you!!!!

    I'm off to check it out!!

    Chelle Xx