Have had a little trouble uploading photos from my camera and then to the 'puter this week - but here they are finally, some snaps taken on easter sunday of Millie looking for the Easter Bunny's eggs - showing off her stash which was kwpt safe inside the chook and some with the soon-to-be one Mr Toby...

Here's some pics of places in my new little garden which already make me happy - like this lovely protea which is already showing it's first flower bud!

My gorgeous yellow Kangaroo paw - it's doing so well I bought another one - it must be the beach sand we're on!
My pot with three types of mint -mmmmm

Me getting arty - Mother-in-Law tongue as garden sculpture!

Something no home should be without - a Kaffir Lime - mmmmm Laksa!

This little beauty is absolutely powering - my Dwarf Lots-o-lemons!

Last but not least a little plant which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about playing in my childhood garden - mum had a gorgeous one and I always thought that if there were such a thing as fairies they'd live there for sure. Breynia Nervosa - Rosea. Isn't it beautiful!

That's it for now. I feel like I'm getting closer to being able to create - got two journals I MUST get moving with - so hopefully I'll have something arty farty to share soon. Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Brag Time...

I was just rummaging through the soon-to-be scrap room and found a box filled with all these goodies...And what is it I hear you ask? I entered a comp through the online part of Scrapbooking Creations and won! All this stash - what a great surprise it was to get it in the mail when I arrived in Gero. Now - what to make... What to create? ...


We're In!

Hi everyone. We've finally moved into our new house and wow has it been a hectic two months. The house has undergone some pretty amazing renos and is well on it's way to being a comfy family home. And what a great Bro, SIL and nieces I have to have put up with us for all that time - thanks guys!
In a couple of weeks I'll post some before and after photos, but for now it's just more of the kidlets. But who could possibly tire of looking at these gorgeous faces!
As for scrapping - what's that again? I'm chafing at the bit to get back into it - but it's just not the priority at the moment. In a couple of weeks when things pan out a little more, I think there'll be some serious catching up to do, especially to get Toby's first year albums up to speed. So watch this space, it wont be so long between drinks this time. The only thing I've committed to keep up is the weekly photo challenge. If you have a moment, click over to The Gallery for a squizz and cast your vote on the best weekly photo.

Here's a few recent shots of the littlies. Thanks for stopping by, x Me.