Have had a little trouble uploading photos from my camera and then to the 'puter this week - but here they are finally, some snaps taken on easter sunday of Millie looking for the Easter Bunny's eggs - showing off her stash which was kwpt safe inside the chook and some with the soon-to-be one Mr Toby...

Here's some pics of places in my new little garden which already make me happy - like this lovely protea which is already showing it's first flower bud!

My gorgeous yellow Kangaroo paw - it's doing so well I bought another one - it must be the beach sand we're on!
My pot with three types of mint -mmmmm

Me getting arty - Mother-in-Law tongue as garden sculpture!

Something no home should be without - a Kaffir Lime - mmmmm Laksa!

This little beauty is absolutely powering - my Dwarf Lots-o-lemons!

Last but not least a little plant which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about playing in my childhood garden - mum had a gorgeous one and I always thought that if there were such a thing as fairies they'd live there for sure. Breynia Nervosa - Rosea. Isn't it beautiful!

That's it for now. I feel like I'm getting closer to being able to create - got two journals I MUST get moving with - so hopefully I'll have something arty farty to share soon. Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. love the plants!!

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  3. hi donna! i'm very impressed with your garden & all that green grass!! loved your photos of the egg hunt too!!