Visiting Friends...

Went to visit the lovely Max and Jo at Beaconsfield today. Here are a few pics of the kidlets on Teddy. Master T was absolutely overjoyed to be on his back, but Miss Moo was not so easily persuaded...Actually Mac had to get her off half way around the yard. Old Happy Jack was ready to buck out! Thanks for stopping by, x Me

And my baby is a back pack!


  1. lol- that is the cutest back pack i have ever seen - i want one - where can i get one just like yours --

  2. Love the photos. I have been waiting for four days for you to update. Getting a bit slack eh? or maybe just busy. That horse lokks so cute. I am surprised that Millie was a bit nervous but Toby looks as though he is really enjoying every moment.

  3. these pics are gorgeous ..and what a cute back pack you have ...
    gorgeous family moments to cherish

  4. I so love that backpack!!