More CJ Layouts and a Canvas

Here's a LO and sign-In page I did today for Miss Cropalot's CJ (SM Forum). The theme was My Favourite Animal. This was difficult - I have lots of faves, but I decided on the trusty old dog. The Jug seemed more interesting than the mongrel, but I have to say that Kunjie beats Gypsie hands down atm on the manners side of things, although she is improving with age! And thirdly, there's a canvas for my Niece's birthday which was about... months ago! She prefers her middle name of 'Rose' hence the title C Rose. Thanks for stopping by to have a squizz. Luv Me x


  1. I haven't popped by for ages and man I love your work!!!

    Enjoy your time back in WA with your family.

    Love Pam

  2. so are ya back yet sweetir...
    happy birthday to my birthday sister millie...whats happening ,drop me an email,
    love to the family donski